Friday, 2 December from 18.00 to 21.30h
Jachtclub Rotterdam

The board of Union des Consuls à Rotterdam et La Haye, request the pleasure of the company of its members and partners at the Annual Dinner 2022.

The meeting will be preceded  by a short members meeting for voting the new board of the association.  An invitation is sand by mail. 

A musical intermezzo is part of the programme: We welcome our special guest  Mr Laurens van Rooyen, the well-known composer and pianist for a beautiful recital.

Celebrations 115-year anniversary of Union des Consuls à Rotterdam et La Haye

9 September 2022
Depot museum Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam

Union des Consuls à Rotterdam, founded on Avril 25, 1906 is the oldest, consul’s (career and honorary) association in the Netherlands. In 2019 the association unified with the sister association, Union des Consuls La Haye, to consolidate the good cooperation between the two associations and to respond to the actual strategies of local government to more regional cooperation.

We have chosen to celebrate the anniversary in the beating heart of Rotterdam, where Union des Consuls a Rotterdam has been founded, by the leading businessman and notables at that time. The Depot of Boijmans van Beuningen museum is the newest design icon of the city, and an evidence of the great development that the city is going through.

The festivities include several guided tours, a reception among friends, culinary surprises and special guests.  A personal invitation is sent to the members and invitees.


Wednesday April 13
Havenbedrijf / Port of Rotterdam

Annual meeting, lunch included

The Annual Meeting will be held at the Port of Rotterdam headquarters and will be followed by a presentation. We are honoured Mr Drs. Allard Castelein; CEO Port of Rotterdam has accepted the invitation to present the latest developments within the Port of Rotterdam and the impact of the Russia Ukraine conflict for the port activities.
An invitation and the needed documents have been sent to all members by mail.



Friday, 12 November from 18.00 to 21.30 h
Jachtclub Rotterdam

The board of Union des Consuls à Rotterdam et La Haye, request the pleasure of the company of its members and partners at the Annual Dinner 2021. An invitation is sand by mail. On this evening we will also remember that our union celebrates its 115 years anniversary, as the former Union des consuls à Rotterdam that merged with the Association des consuls La Haye in 2019, was founded in April 1906.  We welcome our special guest speaker, Mrs Jantje Steenhuis, director of the City Archive. It is interesting to memorise that some announcements from 1906 about the foundation of Union des consuls à Rotterdam have been discovered in the archives, to be shown during the evening.  A musical intermezzo is part of the programme:  Anna Majchrzak, soprano and Vera Kool harp.


Friday, September 3, 2021 – 12.00 – 14.30
Jachthaven Hillegersberg Rotterdam

Annual meeting, lunch included

After two interesting Online meetings in March and June 2020 we are happy to have the opportunity to organise a meeting in real life, to see each other, to talk and share experiences we got during the last months.

An invitation and the needed documents has been sent to all members by mail.


June 7, 2021 – 11.30 – 12.30

Jan Valkier, Honorary Consul of Finland, Chief Executive Officer of Anthony Veder Group and “the Port Man of 2019, Vice-President of Royal Dutch Shipowners Association and holds additional positions at other companies and organisations as well. 

Bernard Menken, Honorary Consul of Sri Lanka, Managing director and owner Menken Maritiem, member of the city counsel of Wassenaar 

Union des Consuls à Rotterdam, founded on April 1906, celebrates this year her 115 years anniversary. A remarkable age and a remarkable achievement that we would like to celebrate together during a festive summer meeting in Rotterdam. More details will follow. As the association is built up by her members, we would like to put our members in the spotlight in an effort to bring you, our unique and diverse group of members. This meeting is the first one of a series that we would like to present in 2021. 


April 7, 2021 – 11.00 – 12.30

By Mr. Klaus Meyer-Cabri, Vice president Eurojust

As we cannot foresee how long the restrictions for meetings and gatherings in groups will be maintained we decided to organise our spring meeting online with a presentation on

Cybercrime and current trends. We are honoured that the vice-president of Eurojust, 

Mr. Klaus Meyer-Cabri, has accepted our invitation to address us on the importance of this extremely serious and hot topic. Eurojust helps national authorities cooperate to combat organised crimes involving more than one EU country and to make use of available cross border investigations tools. Eurojust also hosts the European Judicial Cybercrime network. 

An invitation to our members and invités will be sent by mail.



November 27, 17.00 – 21.00
The Hague

The Annual Meeting will be followed by the Annual Dinner, and will be held this year in the Hague.

Please save the date, detailed information and an invitation is following.  


July 24, 15.00 – 17.00h
Jachthaven Hillegersberg, Rotterdam

An informal summer meeting at Jachthaven Hillegersberg, a private venue in Rotterdam. Followed by a farewell drink honouring Gert Zandsteeg and Ehsan Turabaz, two of our distinguished board members whose term as board member is finished.  As appreciation for their valuable contribution within the association the board will offer, on behalf of the association a nice art work made by a Dutch artist.

An invitation to all our members is sent by mail.

PRESENTATION / BREXIT – experts meeting

Wednesday, April 15, 2020
Port of Rotterdam / Havenbedrijf

Brexit, the transition period: Presentation by:  Roel in het Veld, 

EU Customs Policy Lead at National Office Dutch Customs, Brexit coordination

Insight in the transition period until the end of 2020 while the UK and EU negotiate additional arrangements and the way the current rules on trade, travel, and business for the UK and EU will continue to apply during the transition period.

The Post Brexit:  Presentation by: Mark Dijk,

Manager External Affairs, Port of Rotterdam

New rules will take effect on 1 January 2021. The meeting, followed by a Lunch.



Friday, 29 November
Jachthaven Hillegersberg, private Venue Rotterdam

Welcome by the new chairmen, Mr. Eliseo de la Fuente Gonzales and a very interesting presentation by Mr. Prof. Rob de Wijk, Center of Strategic Studies Presentation about the “The new world order” regarding the growing Chinese influence in the world. The Chinese world order is coming. In October 2017, President Xi outlined the route: if in 2049 the People’s Republic celebrates its centenary, its ‘ Chinese dream ‘ must have come true: China is the leader of the world. In A fascinating speech with many examples, Rob de Wijk argues that this will succeed. 

As a gift at the end of the year, all our members receive a signed exemplar of Rob van Wijk´ s book “The new world order”


Wednesday 27 November
Peace Palace the Hague

Organised by Corps Consulair Netherlands for the Dutch consuls and the colleagues from Belgium.  Seminar titled “The impact of geopolitical unrest and conflicts on commercial, economic, cultural and scientific relations”, a visit to the Peace Palace in the Hague, seated déjeuner dînatoire.  Thanks to CC Nederland and Steven van Hoogstraten, former director Peace Palace, who made our visit at the temple of peace and justice possible and very interesting. 


Thursday, October 3
Port of Rotterdam / Havenbedrijf

The annual members meeting followed by a 

Presentation:  Development and challenges for a world class port by Mark Dijk, head of International Affairs Port of Rotterdam

With special attention for the international relations, the Brexit and the role of consuls for the region and the Port of Rotterdam. 

Followed by a lunch and discussion.


June 18
Restaurant Old Dutch Rotterdam

The board organized a farewell drink for the departing chairmen, Mr. Gustavo Leigdnadier, Consul General of Panama, who finished his appointment as Consul General of Panama in Rotterdam and returned to Panama.  

As appreciation for his involvement in the association and his work in Rotterdam, the board offered Mr.  Gustavo Leigdnadier a nice sculpture made by a Dutch artist.


April 18
Jachthaven Rotterdam

The Annual Meeting followed by a Presentation about Eurojust, guest speaker Mr.  Klaus Meyer-Cabri, vice/president Eurojust 

Eurojust – the European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation – supports and strengthens coordination and cooperation between national investigating and prosecuting authorities. Eurojust assists prosecutors and other investigators from EU Member States in cases of serious crime where that crime affects two or more Member States, or requires prosecution on common bases. Crime areas Eurojust deals with; Cybercrime, Drug trafficking Financial crime Migrant smuggling Terrorism Trafficking in human beings.